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Blueberry Embroidered Pastel Fabric



An intimate wear collection inspired by the effects of the moon and its constant phasing renewal. This project provided creative direction for a market campaign with design development and a pantone colour palette.

watermark blur FW18 Moongarden storyboard.png
Blueberry Embroidered Pastel Fabric


The client wanted an innovative approach to smooth underwear with no visible lines with a romantic lace aesthetic. 

This engineered lace panels were shaped to model pattern blocks with reinforcement that eliminated the need for conventional elastics thus providing a flatter fit on body.

watermark blur one piece engineered board 2.png
Blueberry Embroidered Pastel Fabric


Co-founded the brand Alana Athletica in which I designed the product, liasing with industry professionals to source RMs and production facilities. I found myself on the production floor tampering with machines myself in order to direct sampling. Partnering with the NGO Emerge to empower survivors of abuse was the most fulfilling aspect and founded the purpose of this project.

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